Beginners Guide to Vaping

You’ve finally decided to put down those stinky cancer sticks, and you need some guidance on where to start?  Thankfully all the e-cig devices, hardware, and liquids are of much higher quality than from 2 years ago when I first started down this complicated and confusing road.  There are so many different devices and hardware selections out there that can make your head spin.  Even selecting an e-liquid or 2 could easily overwhelm you.  After reading this guide, you should be able to throw away your old cigarettes and start your smoke-free vaping experience once your “vape mail” finally arrives!

Your first question I can easily assume is where to start.  This guide breaks down each step of the buying process.  First, we will choose what e-liquid to get.

E-Liquid Selection

Choosing the right e-liquids to take you off of cigarettes can be tough.  Most beginners make the same mistake which is choosing an e-liquid that tastes close to the analog that you’re trying to give up.  My number one suggestion is not to buy an e-liquid that tastes like a cigarette until you have gotten over the 2-week hump.  Tobacco flavored E-liquids are appetizing; however, they can trigger that urge to go back to smoking very quickly.

When choosing eliquids, there are roughly five categories of flavors:

  • Fruit
  • Bakery
  • Beverage
  • Candy
  • Tobacco

You will want to choose at least two liquids with different flavor profiles to start with.  You also want to make sure that they are completely different.  Choosing Fruity and Candy style e-liquids will overwhelm you with sweetness.  Here is a great example for two different liquids:

  • Deadly Sins from Good Life Vapor.  A sweet, bakery tobacco vape. A description will never do this one justice. It’s me all day vape. It’s become the only juice I vape. Some flavors are made for each other and blend perfectly. The throat hit is there; the flavor is outstanding, the blend is a 50/50 unlike the others in the line-up, so the vapor is significant! Will leave your surroundings smelling like fresh baked cookies and cakes! I have been told that this is very similar to a Crispy treat as well as Smores and Cinnamon Buns. Taste is subjective, but it is decided that this juice is a winner!
  • God’s Tears from Vapor Trail.  A Strong Raspberry-Citrus blend that was an instant customer favorite. Currently the most popular flavor in the Vapor Trail line, this is a sweet fruity vape that holds its real flavor over a long period, which makes it safe to keep yourself stocked up.

You may notice that both descriptions say sweet.  These e-liquids are on opposite sides of the sweet spectrum.  Deadly Sins has an almost savory sweetness about it where God’s Tears is very tart with a little sweetness.

You do not need to select these two liquids to start.  These are just a suggestion and an example of two different liquids.

Go to either of these sites below as a starting point for choosing your liquid.  Both of these vendors have high-quality liquids at splendid prices!  Don’t worry, clicking one of those links will not close this guide.  You’ll have a new page opened for you.


Nicotine Levels

Now that you have chosen your flavors it’s now time to decide which nicotine to get.  This is quite an interesting topic since people want different nicotine levels for different reasons.  I know what you’re thinking.  You need the highest level nicotine because you’re going to have withdrawal symptoms.  Well… these are the two main reasons for higher nicotine liquids.

  • Should be used for heavy smokers.
  • If you’ve smoked full flavor cigarettes.
  • Should be used to cure those “nic fits.”

It’s almost an industry-wide norm to have five different levels of nicotine.

  • 0mg – 0 Nicotine.  When you’re finally done getting those cravings, you can get a liquid that just has to flavor.
  • 6mg – 6mg of Nicotine per ML of eLiquid.  Occasional and social smokers should get 6mg nicotine.
  • 12mg – 12mg of Nicotine per ML of eLiquid.  This is a great starting place for smokers that had 1/2 a pack a day or smoked light cigarettes.
  • 18mg – 18mg of Nicotine per ML of eLiquid.  This is usually the best starting point for those that smoke roughly a pack a day.
  • 24mg – 24mg of Nicotine per ML of eLiquid.  24mg Nicotine is best used with smokers that either used full flavored cigarettes or smoked 2+ packs a day.

Now that you’ve got an idea where to start you’re probably asking when I should step my nicotine level down.  The neat thing about your body is it tells you when you’re ready to lower your nicotine level!  There are a few symptoms to look out for when you’re ready to step down.  When you drop down you’re nicotine you’ll find yourself using you’re ecig a little more often.  This isn’t a big deal.  You’re just trying to compensate for the lower levels of nicotine.

  • You start getting headaches towards the end of the day.
  • You start getting headaches everyday.
  • You start getting nauseous after vaping.

Selecting the Perfect Device

Choosing the right equipment for your needs can be very brutal which is why I’m making two suggestions right out of the gate.  The iTaste VV and the SmokTech SID.  Each of these devices has Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to your personal tastes.

iTaste VV


The iTaste VV is a wonderful starting point for any new vaper.  It’s smaller in size, has a ton of features and has a great battery life.  Not only are they reliable they are also very rugged.  Check out my review of the iTaste VV to find out more information about the device!

Review of the iTaste VV

SmokTech SID


For those that prefer more options, a longer battery life and something that feels more solid the SmokTech SID might just be the device for you.  The main feature of the SID in comparison to the iTaste VV is the ability to swap out batteries allowing you JUST to use the SID.  Click the link below to read my review of the SmokTech SID.  Please note that you will need to buy at least two batteries and a charger for this device bringing the price a little higher.

Review of the SmokTech SID

Choosing Your Hardware

I’m not even going to beat around the bush with this one.  There is one piece of equipment I will recommend to anyone.  That is the Aspire BDC Clearomizer.  This tank is easy to fill and clean.  Click the link below to read my review of the Aspire BDC to learn more.

Consideration of the Aspire BDC


You’ll forget to charge your batteries.  You’ll get burnt tastes from your cartomizers.  You’ll spill your e-liquid all over the place.  This stuff happens.  Cigarettes are easy… they are.  Ecig’s are just as comfortable with practice and research.  You don’t have to know everything about the whole industry just learn about what you have in your possession.  When you’re comfortable with what you have experimented.  One of the beautiful things about e-cigs is the fact that nothing tastes the same.  Each and every e-liquid out there has a different flavor.  Each device has little subtle hints to give them personality.  Each piece of hardware produces different vaping experiences.  If you stick to this guide until you get confidence in your vaping, you will do just fine.  Soon vaping will become more than a health benefit… it becomes a hobby!

If you need support for quitting smoking you are always welcome to contact me.  Just click the “Contact UV” link above, and there’s a form to fill out.

Best of luck to you!  And as always, Vape Strong!