About UV

Well it’s nice to finally have a website up and running again.  I’ve tried putting together several different websites and blogs yet none have lasted.  Finally, I’ve found something I can relate to that can also be extremely beneficial to my  readers.

I have been smoking cigarettes for a very long time and I’ve tried everything to quit.  I’ve tried switching to different tobacco products like chew and snus and even tried nicotine gum and the patch.  Trying Chantix was the last straw, making me a miserable person. Having a shorter fuse to begin with, something many smokers can relate to, Chantix enhanced my temper into pure fits of rage.

With a family that relies on me and a newborn son, something needed to change. Therefore I took a completely different route when I picked up an e-cig.  I could continue to smoke and get the fix I needed but I wasn’t constantly at bay of a cigarette. Though it was strange at first and took a bit to get used to,  the fact that I’m getting the nicotine I crave without the 4000 chemicals in a normal cigarette has led me to switch.

Utopian Vapes is dedicated to providing brutally honest reviews of the e-cigs and liquids that are in the market.  Since there are tons of options out there to choose from its important to get honest reviews before making the investment towards start your journey of quitting smoking.