Organic Wild Blue Punch from Virgin Vapor

Organic Wild Blue Punch from Virgin Vapor

Anyone that has been a frequent viewer of this website knows that I’m in love with the fruity/berry flavors about as much as I like my bakery style flavors.  Spoiler alert… THIS IS GREAT.

Wild Blue Punch was inspired by a flavor challenge from one of our customers. It combines the cooling, fresh taste of watermelon and blueberry in a sweet fruit punch. This unique flavor is great on a warm summer afternoon!

This liquid produces an above average vapor in comparison to other liquids from across the industry.

This throat hit is perfect for a 12mg nicotine liquid.  Nothing too potent however the throat hit is there to remind you that you are inhaling nicotine.

This flavor is absolutely delicious.  By far one of my favorite berry and fruit flavors I’ve ever experienced.  Though the watermelon flavor seems a little light I am getting a great blueberry and fruit punch mix.  I can’t seem to get enough of this flavor.

This flavor strength is right where it needs to be.  Too light and you’d be missing out on all the wonderful fruit and berry notes.  Too strong and it could have been sickly sweet.

The smell matches the flavor of this liquid spot-on.

The presentation of this liquid is well done.  The packaging is beautiful brown glass bottle with a medicine dropper included in the cap.  The description is well written.  Like I mentioned in the first set of reviews of Virgin Vapor e-liquids, their imagery on their website is a little lack-luster.  I have spoken to someone there about this issue and they’re looking into fixing it.

The liquids from Virgin Vapor are on the more expensive side of the vaping spectrum however their quality overall makes up for it.

One of my favorite fruit/berry flavors of all time.  I’d gladly purchase this liquid over… and over… and over… and… well… over.  Anyone that has been looking for a great fruity flavor for an all-day vape and likes blueberries, watermelon or fruit punch… here ya go!

Vapor Production 5/5
Throat Hit Accuracy
Flavor Accuracy
Flavor Strength
Liquid Aroma
Presentation 4/5
Overall 94%
Size Price $ per ML
1/2 OZ 11.50$ 0.77$ per ML
1 OZ 19.99$ 0.67$ per ML

Price calculations are 100% accurate.
1/2 OZ = 14.7868 ml
1 OZ = 29.5735 ml

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 4mg, 8mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested on an SmokTech Winder with an Aspire BDC at 4.8 Volts. 12mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! You’re taste buds may act differently than mine.