The Godfather from VaporZone

The Godfather from VaporZone

Thanks to Vaporzone I have another 5 eliquids to review for you and the first one on the list is The Godfather.

When you want a flavor that doesn’t mess around, that promises all the flavor of your favorite cocktail, and satisfies your tastes entirely, the Godfather is it. A scintillating match of Amaretto and Bourbon, with a richness you can’t refuse.

The vapor production of The Godfather is above the average in comparison to other liquids with this PG/VG ratio.

The throat hit of this liquid is exactly where it needs to be and seems accurate in comparison to other eliquids in the 12mg nicotine range.

One of the most amazing things about the flavor is how close businesses can come to the real thing.  The Godfather is no exception.  The amaretto flavor is very up front and delicious.  It almost has a cinnamon and nutty flavor to it as you would expect from amaretto.  The shocker here is the bourbon.  Its subtle smokiness is absolutely delicious.  Even when you exhale you get a delicious alcohol flavor like you’d experience from whiskey.

The strength of this flavor is right on point.  You’ll be able to enjoy this flavor as an everyday vape even with vape tongue.

The scent from the liquid reminds me of a freshly mixed amaretto drink.

The presentation is perfect.  The short, stubby bottles are the first of its kind that I’ve seen.  This bottle comes with a syringe tip making it easy to fill any hardware you have.  The only minor drawback I’ve noticed is their premixed liquid flavors are on a sticky tab located on the under side of the bottle.  I spoke with someone at Vaporzone about this and they said they are investigating a remedy for this problem. The hi-res image and product description for this flavor are well designed.

For this quality of liquid, you’re getting a lot of worth for your money.

Overall The Godfather is a well balanced, well designed and well priced eliquid.  Its unique flavor alone is worth the purchase!  This may be a new all day vape for me.

Vapor Production 5/5
Throat Hit Accuracy
Flavor Accuracy
Flavor Strength
Liquid Aroma
Presentation 5/5
Overall 97%
Size Price $ per ML
30ml $14.00 $0.47 per ML

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg, 36mg
(The %’s listed can easily be changed to mg/ml.  Move the decimal one place to the right and drop the %.  That is your mg per ml)


Tested on a SmokTech Winder with an Aspire BDC at 4.8 Volts. 12mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! Your taste buds may act differently than mine.