Zombie Kit from Vapes of Wrath

Zombie Kit from Vapes of Wrath

The Zombie Kit from Vapes of Wrath was sent to me for the purpose of review.  Over the past two weeks, I’ve been trying feverishly to setup my webcam to do my first video review for YouTube however my webcam and PC are not agreeing with each other.  This will not stop me from cranking out a review.

Vapes of Wrath welcomes our one of a kind, CUSTOM created Zombie machine!

These kits are LIMITED EDITION! A new color will be out next spring. Get yours while supplies last and collect all 3!

The price of this starter kit is 30$.  It’s a little more expensive than other devices in the same category however these are limited edition items from Vapes of Wrath.  Quite honestly there is actually a lot of bang for your buck with this (explained in the other sections below.

I really wish I knew what size battery this was.  However, I will guesstimate from the physical size of the battery this is going to right around the 900mah range which from reading comparison date across the web can equate to around 800-1000 puffs!  I’ve only gotten up to 500.  500 puffs will last me a full day but it never hurts to carry a spare battery around.  If you do find your device dead however this eGo style battery works as a PASSTHROUGH!  I know!  It has a magnetic charger port on it so you can charge and vape as you go.  This battery also has the standard on/off feature as other eGo batteries which is 5 clicks of the “fire” button.  This device does fit your standard eGo and 510 threaded hardware as well.  There are only 2 drawbacks to this kit.  As well as any standard eGo starter kit it’s not variable voltage/variable wattage.  This means that it only produces 3.7 volts.  This is fine for single coil clearomizers and cartomizers however when you start getting into dual coil clearo’s and cart’s you’ll notice that the vapor is less pronounced and colder.  The second being the CE5 Clearomizer.  CE5′s seem to be the best of the old technology.  Everyone is starting to produce and move to bottom coil clearomizers.  Even with those two drawbacks, this kit works well together.  If you purchase this starter kit I highly recommend getting another single coil clearomizer (A CE5 or bottom single coil clearomizer).

Everything that is supplied to you in the box is:

  • Vapes of Wrath signature Zombie logo battery
  • Magnetic charger
  • Green CE5 Clearomizer
  • A Vapes of Wrath Sticker

This starter kit is fairly simple to use even for a newcomer.  To fill the CE5 Clearomizer all you have to do is unscrew the drip tip from the tank and fill your favorite eliquid up to the bottom of the rubber cap on the center post.  Screw the Clear onto your battery, click the fire button 5 times to turn the device on, take a few primer puffs to make sure the eliquid is in the wicks and around the coil and simply vape.

The presentation of this whole kit is wonderful.  I’m huge on zombies!  Everything from the small zombie on the battery, the green clearomizer, the art on the box and even the zombie “Vapes of Wrath” sticker on the box keeps the full theme of this whole kit interesting.

I know weight and size can be a huge favor for some people when selecting a device.  This setup is small and lightweight allowing you to tuck it into a shirt or pants pocket and not feel weighed down.

This is a really good starter kit with a wonderful theme.  Even though I carry a few batteries with VV/VW with me at all times this little device stays with me as a backup.  Though it’s a little pricier than other starter kits that are similar the theme of the whole device definitely makes up for it.  I would recommend this to anyone that’s looking to start vaping!