Kringles Curse from Halo

Kringles Curse from Halo

What a trip the last month has been.  There was one week where we put in over 80 hours at work!  Good lord!  In any event I’m back and starting the reviews again.  Thank you everyone for being so patient during those really busy weeks.

Kringle’s Curse E-liquid offers a delightful Peppermint e-liquid flavor with immense vapor production and solid throat hit. The refreshing taste of this exquisite e-liquid blend has no underlying tobacco taste, and will leave your mouth tingling for more. Kringle’s Curse E-liquid is a great choice for those seeking a more intense flavor e-liquid than our traditional menthol blends or for those with a sweet tooth as well.

The vapor production of Kringle’s Curse is above the average in comparison to other e-liquids in the market.

The throat hit of Kringle’s Curse is smooth but seems a little lighter than other 12mg nicotine e-liquids from the industry.  I’m going to put the blame on the light menthol flavor.

Peppermint is out in front with this liquid.  It literally tastes like your vaping a candy cane or a peppermint candy.  A nice touch is that since this liquid is modeled after a peppermint you get that cool and refreshing feeling when you vape this liquid.  It’s almost like menthol.

The flavor strength of Kringle’s Curse is on point.  There isn’t anything else in this liquid to mute the flavor.  It’s straight up peppermint.

This liquid smells exactly the way it tastes.

The packaging of any Halo product is top notch. Anything shipped from Halo is packed in either a 7ml bottle with a syringe tip or the 30ml bottle that is made of blue glass with an eye dropper as a lid. If you purchase the sample pack you receive a small tin with 6 different flavors, all surrounded by foam to keep the bottles from rolling around.

Halo is on the more expensive side of vaping

Overall Kringle’s Curse is a display of the basic’s done well.  All there is in this liquid is peppermint… and it’s done very well.  The refreshing feeling you have after vaping this liquid will make you come back for more.

Size Price $ per ML
7ML $5.99 $0.86 per ML
30ML $19.99 $0.67 per ML

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested iTaste VV with a Aspire BDC Clearomizer @ 11.0 watts.  12mg Nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! You’re taste buds may act differently than mine.

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