Razzled from Good Life Vapor

Razzled from Good Life Vapor

I have been searching for a blue-raspberry lolly pop flavor since I started vaping.  Does it hold up to my high standards?

Hey dum dum, you know you like blue raspberry candy! Add menthol to get the flavor previously known as “Crystal Blue Persuasion”

This liquid produces the same amount of vapor in comparison to other liquids from across the industry.

The throat hit of this liquid is a little more subtle than expected.  In comparison to other 12mg nicotine liquids, it’s a little light.

This is where this liquid falls short.  My fiance and I both agree that this liquid tastes like flavored chalk.  I can barely taste the raspberry.

It’s very hard to say where the strength of this flavor lies.  IF I’m looking for the strength of the blue-raspberry it’s almost too subtle to notice.

The aroma of this liquid reminds me of other generic candy liquids.

The presentation of this liquid is top notch.  It comes in a syringe bottle, the label is nicely printed giving you the strength of the nicotine you’ve selected and the art on their website for this liquid is very well designed.

If you’re vaping on a budget anything from Good Life Vapor is very affordable.

Razzled is a disappointment for me.  I’ve been long searching for that blue-raspberry blow pop that I’ve experienced as a kid.  Unfortunately, this liquid reminds me of a typical generic pez-like liquid that you can find almost anywhere.  Hopefully, my pursuit for that perfect blow pop flavor won’t be much longer.

Size Price $ per ML
10ML $6.00 $0.60 per ML
30ML $15.00 $0.50 per ML
50ML $20.00 $0.40 per ML
100ML $35.00 $0.35 per ML

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested on a SmokTech Winder with an Aspire BDC at 4.8 Volts. 12mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! Your taste buds may act differently than mine.