Zombie Blood from Good Life Vapor

Zombie Blood from Good Life Vapor

When a fellow reader and myself carpooled to Fat Cat Vapor Shop I was gifted a bottle of non-mentholated Zombie Blood from a worker.  So hats of to you… you know who you are!

Mixed with the blood of the innocent. This bloody juice is the nectar of the undead. One of a kind vape not found anywhere else. It’s Strawberry Gummy Candy with a kick. Add menthol to get the flavor previously known as “Zombie Brains”

The vapor production from this liquid is quite standard to all Good Life Vapor eliquids.  This liquid has a mixture of PG/VG, however, it’s not listed on their site.  Each of the liquids could have a different PG/VG ratio however it produces enough vapor to satisfy.

I vaped this liquid at 10.5w at 12mg nicotine.  This has a very nice solid but subtle throat hit for this liquid that will aim to please.  It is lighter than your average 18nic or 24nic and matches up with other 12nic liquids.

This is where this liquid starts to fall off for me.  The description says a strawberry gummy candy.  I do taste strawberry and the gummy candy but the “gummy” part tastes more like a plastic.

The flavor of this liquid is not strong.  You have to try to taste the strawberry and the gummy candy.  I mean you REALLY have to try.  Do not get frustrated about it if you can’t taste it.  It’s not vape tongue.

This liquid smells absolutely delicious.  It smells like opening a fresh bag of gummy bears!

The presentation of this liquid is high quality.  The bottle with the syringe tip and the well-printed label to the art and description on the website.  Good Life Vapor is professionals.

I really wanted this liquid to succeed like every other liquid I’ve experienced from Good Life Vapor… I really did.  And I want to remind everyone that taste is subjective.  Maybe this liquid didn’t steep long enough prior to me receiving the liquid.  It’s not a “bad” liquid but not one of my favorites.

I will mention that I got to test the mentholated version and it did seem better than the non-menthol.  I hate menthol…

Vapor Production 5/5
Throat Hit Accuracy
Flavor Accuracy
Flavor Strength
Liquid Aroma
Price 4/5
Overall 74%
Size Price $ per ML
10ML $6.00 $0.60 per ML
30ML $15.00 $0.50 per ML
50ML $20.00 $0.40 per ML
100ML $35.00 $0.35 per ML

Nicotine Strengths
0mg, 6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested on a Vamo with a Smok RBC at 7.5 watts. 18mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! Your taste buds may act differently than mine.