iTaste VV from Innokin

iTaste VV from Innokin

Ever since I’ve gotten my hands on this device I’ve been extremely excited to review it.  I wanted to get the word out that is a great device for a beginner!  It’s simple to use, light weight, small and fairly rugged.  I could really finish the review there but I’m sure my fellow readers would like some more explanation and pictures… so… here we go!

The Innokin iTaste VV is a variable voltage/variable wattage device packed full with features in a small package.  The ability to change the voltage or wattage allows you to tailor your vaping experience.

The price of this amazing device is fairly reasonable.  There are two kits currently available for purchase which is:

iTaste VV v3.0 Full Starter Kit: $59.99 -$69.99
(5) iClear16′s
(1) iTaste VV Device
(1) Retractable Charge Cable
(1) USB Wall Adapter
(1) Instruction Manual

iTaste VV v3.0 Express Starter Kit: $39.99 – $49.99
(1) iTaste VV Device
(1) Retractable Charge Cord
(1) Instruction Manual

These prices are rock solid for such a wonderful device!

I think the looks of this device is quite sleek and simple.  There is no reason to over complicate something.  I own the black one and its a gorgeous device with a black Aspire BDC clearomizer on it.

There is a TON of features packed into such a small package.  I will break down every single one available:

  • If the device is turned off press the fire button 3 times to turn the device on.  It should blink red once, yellow once, and green once.  Then it is ready to use.
  • If the device is turned on press the fire button 3 times to turn it off.  It should blink twice.  I believe it blinks the color of your current charge status which I’ll explain next.
  • While firing the device (pressing the fire button) you’ll notice the switch glowing a certain color.  Green means that the battery is charged above 3.7 volts and doesn’t need to be charged. Yellow means that the battery is charged between 3.7 and 3.6 volts and should be charged soon.  Red means that the battery is charged below 3.6 volts and should be charged immediately.
  • If you press the fire button and the switch blinks red for 8 seconds it means that you can not use the device until there is some charge.  Plug the device in.
  • If you press the fire button and it glows red even without holding down the switch it could mean that there is a short in your attached hardware or your attached hardware is too large of a load.  Switch your hardware and try again.
  • If you press the “+” and “-” button at the same time and hold for 2 seconds you’ll get 2 readings.  The first one is the resistance of the hardware placed on your device (ex. A 1.9).  The A is really supposed to be an R.  The second reading is your current battery charge.
  • If you press and hold either the “+” or “-” buttons (only need one) it will show you 2 readings.  Your current puffs counted since the last time you shut off the device will show first. The second one is what your voltage or wattage is set to (depending if you are in wattage or voltage mode).  When it is displaying your current voltage or wattage you can press the “+” or “-” buttons to adjust your setting.  You can not round robin (when at 3.0v you can not press “-” to go to 5.0v.  You need to press the “+” button to raise the voltage instead).
  • To reset the puff counter turn off the device.  When you turn the device back on your counter will be reset.
  • If you press and hold the “-” button and then press the fire button you’ll be set into variable voltage mode. Voltages can be set from 3.0v to 5.0v at .1 increments.
  • If you press and hold the “+” button and then press the fire button you’ll be set into variable wattage mode. Wattages can be set from 6.0w to 11.0w at .5 increments.
  • You can use this device while it is charging.  It’s not a true passthrough, however.  There needs to be charge in the battery for this to work.
  • 800 mAh battery
  • Allows for 510 and eGo connections.
  • Comes in Black, White, Pearl Chrome and Chameleon
Puff Counter
Wattage Mode (Will also display a P if lower than 10w)
Resistance Reading
Current Battery Charge
510 Connection
eGo Threading

I’ve made a few notes that I have to mention as well:

  • If you hear a rattle DON’T PANIC!  The noise is coming from the buttons on the device.  Nothing is broke.
  • If you are firing the device and nothing is happening also DON’T PANIC!  If your indicator light isn’t showing the “short message” then your connection has sunk down a little.  This connection is where your hardware makes contact with the battery.  To fix this issue make sure your device is turned off.  Then take a steak knife and stick the point down into the well where a 510 connection would screw in.  Wedge the knife point between the threads and the button where the hardware makes contact and GENTLY pry up.  You’ll notice that the button starts to raise.  Only do this until your hardware will make contact to that button.
  • When unplugging your device make sure your holding onto the chrome plate at the bottom.  If you’re not careful this plate could pull apart from the device.  If it does gently push it back in.
  • The charger port on this device is a micro USB.  This means if you own an Andriod phone or other devices that plug in via micro USB can also be used to charge this device.
Chrome Plate where Charger plugs in
Fixing a sunken connection

I think that about sums up all the features and notes on this device.  I know that was a ton of information but there’s a lot going on with the device.  The attention to detail from the logo on the retractable charger cord to the little innokin fire logo on the button just shows how far these devices have come since the first ecig was created.  I wish these devices were around when I started vaping.  It would have saved me a ton of headaches and money in the beginning.

The tons of features heavily outweigh the small negatives of this device.  Not only do I recommend this device I would say this is a great starting place for beginners.  I’ve been vaping for roughly 2 years now and I am just absolutely in love this device!  I will be getting a second one and might end up making these two batteries my main vaping devices.  My fiance already owns two.

One other note.  Do you want a true quality vaping experience?  This battery, you’re favorite eliquid with an Aspire BDC Clearomizer.  That combination is just about heavenly.

Tested with iClear 16′s and Aspire BDC Clearomizers

Go to and get yours today!  Make sure to get the finish that you want!