The SmokTech SID

The SmokTech SID

This review has been in the process of being written for a few months now and I finally got enough information gathered to provide you a detailed and honest review.  So sit back, grab your favorite vape and enjoy!

The SmokTech Sid is of course from SmokTech.  It is a Variable Voltage and Variable Wattage device allowing you to tailor your vaping experience to the way you want it.  There is a single button and an OLED screen that once mastered is fairly easy to use.

The price of the SID is actually quite reasonable.  You can pick this device up at for 49.99.  Quite a descent price for a good VV/VW device.

When we purchased this device we got it in silver.  It does come in several different colors which is Silver, Black, White, Purple, Gold, Blue, Hot Pink and Green.  I’m not sure if all the finishes are the same however the Silver one looks likes it powder coated.  We’ve owned this device for a few months now and it seems to hold up against wear and tear.  There is only a few minor surface scratches to note.

The features makes this device absolutely shine!  To access the menu you simply press the single button three times.  Once you see 1. Watt Up you are able to navigate the menu bnu changes then press the button to change the options you want.  Below is the menu options and what they mean.

  1. Watt Up – You are able to increase your wattage by .5 increments. the range is 3.0w to 15.0.  It round robins from 15 to 3.  If you are in the Voltage setting you have a range of 3.0v to 6.0v changing in .1 increments and reads Voltage Up.
  2. Watt Down – You are able to decrease your wattage by .5 increments.  It’s the same range and it round robins from 15 to 3.  If you are in the Voltage setting you have a range of 3.0v to 6.0v changing in .1 increments and reads Voltage .
  3. Out On/Off – This allows you to turn on or off the output of the device.  This basically turns the device on or off protecting you from accidentally firing the device in your pocket.
  4. Batte Voltage – Yes I know that’s a typo.  That is how it reads.  This allows you to currently display the voltage left in your battery.
  5. LCD Display – This allows you to display a reading of either Voltage (or Wattage if your set to wattage), Resistance or Battery while you are firing the device.
  6. LCD On/Off – This allows you to turn the LCD screen on or off while firing the device.
  7. Watt/Voltage – This allows you to change your device from voltage to wattage and vise versa.

Now that the menu is out of the way a few notes.

  • When switching between wattage and voltage your device will remember what setting it was in for wattage but not for voltage.  Kind of goofy if ya ask me.
  • If you shut off the LCD screen do not worry.  You just have to press the button three times and your menu will show up.  All that LCD screen shutoff is about is to show a reading while firing or not.
  • When you replace a battery with a freshly charged one you will see the word SMOK show up on the LCD screen.  It is ready to fire immediately.
  • When you replace the battery your voltage will be reduced down to 3.0 volts.  If you were on wattage prior to changing your battery your wattage reading will stay the same.
  • When you order this device it only comes with the device itself.  I would recommend getting 2-18650 batteries and a charger for those batteries.

The only issue I have with this device is the battery cap at the bottom of the device.  It’s really tight… really tight.  I’ve only been able to get it open once and the moment I got it closed I said to myself, “Never again”.  To replace a battery in this device I recommend unscrewing the battery tube from the switch.  It just seems a lot easier.

Another nice thing I like about this device is its light.  This works really good with a lanyard around your neck unlike other devices of this size like the Vamo.

The connections on the device is either 510 or eGo.  You do have something I’ll call a “liquid well” that you can remove for ease of cleaning.  You can also remove it to fit hardware with eGo threading that wouldn’t normally fit IF the cone was on.

Overall this is a wonderful device.  Since I’ve been in the vaping scene for around 2 years now I do notice there are quite a few people that don’t like the large size devices.  If size doesn’t bother you this device will work great!


Price 5/5
Features 5/5
Accessories 4/5
Ease of Use
Appearance 4/5
Presentation 5/5
Weight & Size
Overall 91%