Aspire BDC Clearomizer from Aspire

Aspire BDC Clearomizer from Aspire

It’s been a week or two since my last review.  I’ve been quite busy (even though I’m on unemployment).  I’ve been self teaching myself guitar which is going quite well.  I finally learned how to restring a guitar correctly and I’m able to play one of my favorite songs from my favorite band, Avenged Sevenfold.  However… enough of the side chat.  I’m here for a review and I’m giving to you my review of the Aspire BDC Clearomizer that I purchased from the Fat Cat Vapor Shop.

First off the price for this unit is currently around 9.99$.  Great price for a wonderful tank!

The simple appearance of this tank looks wonderful.  The silver/stainless steel looks great on an silver eGo twist.  Get yourself a silver drip tip to match and that is one sexy looking setup!

The functionality of this tank is damn near perfect.  The was no gargle (except on thinnner liquids).

Filling this tank is simple.  Flip the tank upside down and untwist the bottom cap.  There will be a long shaft that stretches from the top of the tank.  Take your juice bottle or syringe and fill the space beside the shaft (not inside).  I can usually fill the tank RIGHT up to edge of that shaft.  Once filled simply twist the cap back on and put it on your favorite device.  This is a smaller tank than I’m use to using so make sure you either carry a second one with you or your bottle of juice to refill.

This is the first piece of hardware to get 5 stars in all categories and I’m thrilled.  This is the first tank I’ve had little to no issue and I will recommend this tank to anyone.  You can vape this little guy at 11.5w without a worry!  Currently my favorite tank (it’s only taken a few years for me to find the tank I love)!

Price 5/5
Vapor Quality 5/5
Ease of Use
Appearance 4/5
Presentation 4/5
Available Accessories
Overall 94%