Wacky Tobacky from FlavorZ by Joe

Wacky Tobacky from FlavorZ by Joe

Wacky Tobacky is my first review I’m posting where I bought the liquid from a brick and mortar store. I love the fact that I only have to drive about 25 minutes to get my liquid instead of having to wait a week before they show up.

Wacky Tobacky – Black cherry tobacco.
15ml bottle of USA Made eliquid from Flavorz by Joe.
Made from only the finest materials all sourced in the USA.

Will this liquid shine better than the description?

Vapor Production: The vapor production of this liquid is excellent!

Throat Hit: At 24mg nicotine at 10.5 watts this liquid has one of those throat hits that you wouldn’t except. Quite a hard kick but oh so wonderful.

Taste: This liquid is quite complex and hard to break down to the individual flavors. This happens to be my first black cherry liquid I’ve ever experienced and I love it. There is a mild tobacco flavor hiding in the background as well. This reminds me of the pipe tobacco called “Paladin”. If you’ve been looking for a good recommendation when it comes to black cherry… this is it!

Overall: Highly Recommended! I am very pleased with this liquid overall. This seems to be a liquid you can pretty much pair with anything when it comes to food or beverage. I would definitely purchase this liquid again no matter what strength nicotine I got.

Size Price $ per ML
15ML $11.95 $0.80 per ML
15ML $9.95 $0.67 per ML (sale)

Nicotine Strengths
6mg, 12mg, 18mg, 24mg


Tested on a Vamo with iClear 30 at 11.5 watts. 24mg nicotine.

Remember, TASTE IS SUBJECTIVE!!! Your taste buds may act differently than mine.