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E-liquid Planet Review

With the increasing popularity of electronic cigarettes in the market today, E-liquid planet is taking advantage of the renewed consciousness to make the entire smoking habit more environment-friendly as well as healthier. The company is responsible for the introduction of various products and accessories to the market to further enhance the vaping experience through their…

Joyetech eGo One Review

Petite, yet powerful! This is how the Joyetech eGo 1100mAh is described. This powerful vaping device is made for vapers at all levels. Whether you are a complete beginner to vaping or you are a pro, there is something for both of you in Joyetech eGo One. This is one of the most advanced, but…


Cloud Alchemist’s Festiva E-liquid Review

Manufacturer: Cloud Alchemist Flavor: Festiva Flavors: Strawberries almond, vanilla whipped cream Where to Buy: Cloud Alchemist Overview For this premium e-Liquid review, if you unfamiliar with Cloud Alchemist, let’s just say these guys are at the top of their game when it comes to making quality e-liquid. Everything is made in a state-of-the-art lab under…


Kind juice Little Mean Vanilla Bean

Vanilla Bean has a hit out on our taste buds and luckily it’s not a real contract because if it was, we’d be dead in the water! High Caliber E-Liquid’s signature vanilla flavor puts a whole new perspective on just how delicious an eLiquid can be and performs in a way that few vanillas before…


How to Prepare a New Electronic Cigarette Atomizer

How do I get the primer fluid out of a new electronic cigarette atomizer and prepare it for use?   Vapers need to have an atomizer for their e-cigarette. The atomizer is one of the essential parts of the e-cig itself. When you purchased your first electronic cigarette with the best price that also offers…


Cyclops Vapor Wholesale Review

E-liquids work best on your e-cigarette if you have identified your favorite flavor for great enjoyment as well as the appropriate level of nicotine for complete satisfaction. Stockists have very many flavors and the best way to get the appropriate one is narrowing down to vendors who are committed to quality. Nicotine liquid, which is…


Drip Tip – Enhance Your Vape Experience

Just for fun, walk up to the next serious vapor that you see and ask him why he chose the drip tip that he is using. You can spot the serious vaper – he’s the one sucking on something with the appearance of a ‘sonic screwdriver’ and producing plumes of vapor that would put Mount…


BIGFinDEAL E Liquid Flavors I Recommend

So 2-3 months ago I was able to get my hands on some really great bigfindeal e-juice flavors that I really enjoyed. I am finally sitting down to review them. I know, I’ve been lazy! Today, I am going to share those with you.  The E-Liquids I tried is eSnaxx’s BIGFinDEAL Berry Burst e-liquid. Strength:…


5 Steps to Find Your All Day Vape e-Liquid

You’re here because you can’t find a new juice you love. We’re going to show you how. With over 7,000 different juices on the market today, it’s easy to get lost and overwhelmed. When you have too much of a selection online and you only have a super small selection at your local vape shop,…


Green Crack from Bomb Bombz

I’ve always been a little skeptical of green apple liquids ever since I tried out the caramel apple from Vapor Phoenix.  Is “Green Crack” gonna redeem the green apple plague that’s struck me? A smooth flavor of candy apple that makes you think you’re eating a long, soft, chewy, and tangy green apple sour belt….

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